Weekend market to start in Nuvali

I love markets and have always wished for authentic flea markets in the Philippines — those that offered real bargains and rare finds (as opposed to tiangge staples or imported goods at inflated prices). At one point I even considered setting up a car boot in the Ortigas area, just to organize the community and get into the recycle/reuse habit.

Got this announcement about a new weekend market to start in Nuvali, and was admittedly hopeful when I read the product line up:

Join us every weekend at the NUVALI Transport Terminal and enjoy a variety of products offered by our merchants at our Weekend Fiesta Market!

Specialty Food
Dielle’s Honey – locally produced honey and honey wine
Bigasan – brown and organic rice
Regional Products – souvenir products from Baguio, Bicol, Pampanga, Laguna, Cebu, and Bulacan

Fresh Produce/Vegetables
Healthy Flocks – native chicken and brown eggs
Kitchen Herbs – salad greens and gourmet vegetables
Robinson’s – all season fruits and health and wellness products

Marise Joyce Garden – landscaping services and fruit trees
Cynpol Garden – orchids
Sardo’s Garden – ornamental plants
Satara – native products
Fiameta’s Plants – garden accessories
Yam Halamanan – aquatic plants and fish

Hotel Line – world class discounted cutlery
Banig – buli, buri, and banig novelties
Habi – hand-woven products


It’s still not the ideal market I had in mind, but looks promising that they’re offering regional products.  What got me most excited, though, was the list of plant merchants.  I’ve been scouring the web and local garden shops for nice planters and have yet to find anything I liked… fingers-crossed the Nuvali market is successful and attracts a good mix of sellers to come in later on!

Won’t be able to check it out this weekend, but please share pics and comments if you get to go. 🙂

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