Canlubang side trip

Took the Canlubang exit on the way back to Nuvali from Calamba a while back, and was happy to drive around to check out the area for the first time.

Chanced upon a new retail center, iMall:

Canlubang June 2012 (3)

Canlubang June 2012 (1)

A cousin who lives in the nearby Ceris 1 Village said the iMall had just opened at that time  (June 2012).  Around the corner was also a Robinson’s Supermarket, and next to it a Shell gas station, similar to the Nuvali tandem.

Across was Don Bosco College, which had a new course offering that was a welcome surprise: Robotics!

Canlubang June 2012 (2)

Canlubang June 2012 (11)

Also spotted another Salesian school next to it, Mary Help of Christians:

Canlubang June 2012 (4)

(I’ve now added them to the list of schools in and around Nuvali I started compiling last year).

From I-mall we took the road to Silangan exit, passing through the Silangan Industrial Park, turned towards Nuvali (we paid a “toll fee” of P15.00), and voila! We ended up in the rotonda right before Nuvali Central.

Interesting to note that in Nuvali South, at the end of East Diversity Avenue (the road fronting Venare, the Wakepark and Avida Village), there is a gate that is still closed for the time being, but I think it’s safe to assume that it will lead to this general area in Canlubang.   What a great shortcut to Calamba from Nuvali that would be!

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  1. You may always use the gate right after avida village and parkway settings. it will lead you to carmelray. You will have to options which gate to exit from carmelray. You may exit through the may gate which will lead you to silangan exit. You may also exit through gate 4 which will lead you to canlubang main, ceris 1, imall, don bosco, mayapa…

    1. Thanks for the tip! I tried using that exit today and ended up in the Carmeltown gate in front of Caltex. Will try to look for Gate 4 next time, so we end up nearer Canlubang.

  2. Hi,

    Just wondering if you can help me.
    I live near iMall and is currently working in Quezon City (Eastwood). If my application would be accepted, I will be transferring to Nuvali soon. Problem is I don’t own a car and I don’t know how to get to and from Nuvali via public transportation.

    Hope you can assist me.

    1. Hi Kryztyne, I have no personal experience in commuting to and from Nuvali, but I hope this post can be of help:

      There are existing shuttles that do the rounds inside Nuvali, as indicated in the signs I posted there.

      If the shuttle service to go from Nuvali to Makati is still inconsistent, another option is to take the trike from Nuvali / Paseo to Balibago and take the buses or shuttles from there that head for Alabang, Makati, Cubao etc.

      Best of luck!

      1. Hi Johanna, thank you for the tips.

        Do you know the contact number/s for the existing shuttles inside Nuvali so I can contact them directly? Sorry for bothering you. I’ve been searching for information regarding this matter for several weeks now. your the first one who was able to help me. Thank you so much.

  3. Hi, would you know if we can secure a car sticker for Nuvali? We live in Canlubang and its very accessible to pass through the rotonda in Nuvali.

    1. Hi Tin, you would need a resident to sponsor you if you wish to get a sticker through any of the communities in Nuvali. But I casually read about general Nuvali stickers some time ago…maybe you can try contacting the Nuvali admin to inquire re possible “pass through” stickers. Best of luck.

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