Harvest time!

GIANT Langka from our Tagaytay garden:

Tagaytay harvest Aug2012

Don’t they just make you smile? 🙂

Harvested 3 huge ones just last week, and another one over the weekend.

When it came to cutting them open, didn’t want to stain my fingers with the smell, so took a knife and fork and sliced away methodically.  Was surprisingly therapeutic, felt as if I was carving meat.

Also very happy to harvest so many bananas and papayas:

Tagaytay harvest Aug2012 (1)

Tagaytay harvest Aug2012 (2)

Great for breakfast smoothies.  They’re all very delicious, and taste ever the sweetest because they’re homegrown.



Will need to decide on what to plant in my Nuvali garden soon.  Space is small so need to plan properly.   Care to share what you’ve planted in yours?

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