Nuvali Shuttle Service to Makati and vice-versa

UPDATE as of Sept. 29, 2012:  We went to the Terminal to take the 8am shuttle last Thursday, and were very upset to be told that there were only two trips that day, and the last shuttle had left at 7:30am.  Nuvali management should be more responsible in posting schedules — this is not the first time they’ve advertised shuttles only to let commuters down.

Spotted at the entrance of the Nuvali Terminal just last September 14, 2012.

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  1. Thanks for the info! I wonder if even during the weekends this holds. And magkano?

    Just to share too: there’s a van/bus from the NUVALI terminal to the villages now, even on Sundays! Dati kasi pag kay Kuya Renz lang, walang shuttle pag Sunday e. At least now mas flexible ang paglabas-pasok ng Settings! 🙂

    1. Ryan! Was hoping you could answer those questions actually, haha. Will ask the guard the next time I go to Solenad.

      How much for the van/bus to the villages? And how frequent are the trips?

      1. Sige, I’ll ask this weekend. 🙂

        As for the van/bus, it’s 15 pesos from Solenad to anywhere in NUVALI North. To Settings and anywhere in NUVALI Central, it’s 20pesos, while to Avida Village/Republ1c (NUVALI South) it’s 25pesos one way. The timings are 630, 7, 8, 9, 11am and 1, 3, 5, 6pm, daily. Vans are used during weekdays; the bus is used during weekends.

        1. Thanks for this, Ryan. I want to really get to the bottom of the van and shuttle schedules and pick up/drop off points. It’s very frustrating to read “official” announcements pero hindi naman implemented.

          1. sorry di ko natanong un NUVALI-Makati details kanina. next time na lang… pero ung Solenad-Villages meron na talaga un. Abang lang sa guardhouse ng Settings (hindi sila pumapasok ng village eh).

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