Back exit via Carmelray Industrial Park

Some time ago, we took the Nuvali South exit at the end of Parkway Settings and Avida Village to see where it would lead.
Carmelray Industrial Park Oct2012 (2)

Because we had the Nuvali sticker, the guard let us through and told us we could use the same way going back.

Carmelray Industrial Park Oct2012 (6)

Nuvali South’s East Diversity Avenue is connected to Carmelray Industrial Park, a beautiful tree-lined area which houses various plants/offices such as Suzuki, as well as the San Sebastian College.
Carmelray Industrial Park Oct2012 (12)

Carmelray Industrial Park Oct2012 (13)

We followed the road and took the Gate 1 exit, which led us to the corner where Caltex is located (exiting Nuvali Central via the rotonda towards Silangan exit will bring you to this same place).

According to boyong, who left a comment on my previous post on Canlubang, another option is to exit via Gate 4, which will lead to Canlubang Main, Ceris 1, I-mall, Don Bosco, Mayapa.  I asked the Nuvali guard about it, but he was wary to suggest that route unless I knew my way around the area/town.    Will explore at another time, but many thanks to boyong just the same for the heads up!

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