Nuvali Transport Terminal trip schedule (October 2012)

I was very frustrated a few weeks ago when I visited the Nuvali Terminal to board the 8 or 8:30am shuttle to Makati, and was told that the last shuttle for the day had already left at 7:30am.   I asked the guard if that day was an exception and pointed to the newly posted shuttle schedule, and he said usually there were only two trips every morning to Makati (as opposed to one every half hour from 6:30-9:00am).

I’m sure there are others who were/continue to be equally frustrated, and I wish Nuvali management would be more considerate and responsible in posting signs.

I noticed early this week that the errant tarpaulin has been taken down.

Sharing the most recent “sign” I saw at the terminal for everyone’s benefit:

Nuvali TRansportation Oct2012 (2)

Nuvali Transport Terminal Oct2012 (1)

Nuvali Transport Terminal Oct2012 (3)

Nuvali Transport Terminal Oct2012 (4)

Will try to get a clearer photo next time, but I hope the above already helps those who need to figure out a way in and out of Nuvali on a regular basis.   I haven’t taken either of these transport vehicles (there are Nuvali vans and buses servicing the North-Central-South route), so would be glad for feedback from actual users.


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  1. Good day,

    We have been visiting your blog lately and have found it to be truly informative and helpful.

    I hope you wouldn’t mind me asking, but how’s the Nuvali Transport Terminal experience coming along?

    My wife and I just recently made reservations for a house and lot unit at Avida Village and I for one would really like find out more about this since I work in Ortigas and will most likely become a regular passenger at the Nuvali Terminal.

    I managed to get some new numbers from the “Ask Nuvali” mobile number you initially posted and their new numbers are: Globe 09056656055 / SUN 09235905383.

    However; I did try calling these numbers a couple of times but eventually failed to contact anyone unfortunately. But I’ll have to try again for I will be doing a dry run of this terminal some time next week.

    I read somewhere that you will need to buy tickets? Do you happen to know where?

    Thanks for your time.

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