Parkway Settings gate — getting there…

Here are pics of the Parkway Settings gate, taken on September 26, 2012.

Avida Parkway Settings Oct2012 (1)

Avida Parkway Settings Oct2012 (3)

Avida Parkway Settings Oct2012 (2)

Sector A is scheduled for turnover this month, October 2012, and so far there have been no announcements re delays. Last time I drove around the area, didn’t seem likely to be ready by month’s end. Will see. Also got a lot here so can’t wait to step on it and claim it for house project#2 in Nuvali!

For those on the lookout for new house or lot only options in Nuvali, watch out for another Avida project…  no details yet, not even a timeframe for the launch, but it may be similar to Avida Settings in terms of size.

When Parkway was launched in October 2011, VAT-free lots were the first to go, and they really got sold out fast.  Message me at if you’re interested in this new project so I can be sure to keep you in the loop.

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