Christmas is here :)

Been thinking of how to invite the Christmas spirit into the house this year, especially since it’s my first time to decorate my own home. Yesterday, had this idea to raid our garden in Tagaytay for twigs or whatnots that I could piece together, and went home with this:
Christmas at My Nuvali Home Nov2012 (2)

Told our caretaker to look for a nice sturdy branch that I could use as a tree… I’m super happy it fit in the car. The green leaves / branches are from grown pine trees (they’re not the pine needle variety, but I assume they’re from the same family) — will wait to see how long they’ll stay green, but the dried brown version also looks lovely.

Couldn’t help but smile when I saw my “tree” peeping in from the lanai doors this morning:
Christmas at My Nuvali Home Nov2012 (1)

There’s nothing like green and nature to make one smile a wide smile 🙂

Also thought to set aside the twigs from my longgan snack to use as Christmas decor. Any tips? Was thinking gold ribbon then stick to the wall hehe.
Christmas at My Nuvali Home Nov2012 (3)

Time to start wrapping gifts and painting Christmas cards and balls for the tree!

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  1. Hi ms Johanna, do you purchase lot only and build your own design or you make some improvements on the constructed houses ready for occupancy. You really come up with a pleasant house design. Wish to have one.

    Is the wood setting have same plan development as with parkway and avida settings. Is it elevated lot? I
    Can we ask for a discount 10,500 per sq/m since its Pre selling price?
    Thank you so much!

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