Finally got to step on my lot in Parkway!

My lot in Parkway Settings Nuvali was due for turnover in October 2012 (it was the designated allowable date for building), but was told by Avida that there are some delays as the water and electrical structures for the community are not yet in place.  Engr. Jong said the lot itself is buildable if I want to start construction already, so I made arrangements to visit last week.

*The pics could be better, sorry. Taken by phone camera as my camera is in the shop for repairs.*

The Parkway gate is looking good!

Avida Parkway Settings Nuvali Nov2012 (1)

Avida Parkway Settings Nuvali Nov2012 (2)

Main road is wide and rolling, very nice drama everytime you enter the village.

Avida Parkway Settings Nuvali Nov2012 (3)

Viewing deck is still in place.  Surrounding area is where the future clubhouse will be built.  Mt. Makiling in the distance.

Avida Parkway Settings Nuvali Nov2012 (15)

These model units are slated for completion next month, December 2012.   Not so sure they’ll make it but it’s still a few weeks away.

Avida Parkway Settings Nuvali Nov2012 (19)

View of Avida Village Nuvali from midway of APSN.  Road to the right begins to slope sharply already.

Avida Parkway Settings Nuvali Nov2012 (51)


Avida Parkway Settings Nuvali Nov2012 (50)

First time to see my lot up close.. I bought this during the initial launch of APSN last October 2011 — can say I’m happy with my choice!  Nice elevation, wide road frontage, and VERY WINDY area!

Avida Parkway Settings Nuvali Nov2012 (33)

Avida Parkway Settings Nuvali Nov2012 (53)

Here’s another area in Sector A, across the Greenway.  Mom and Dad got this lot next to the pocket park, also turned out to be a great choice.  Laguna Bay in the background.

Avida Parkway Settings Nuvali Nov2012 (57)


Really enjoyed my first visit to Parkway in its developed state… Glad that the road network is already accessible, but more glad that the breeze and views are just so LOVELY.  🙂  The whole time I kept thinking, “Sell my house in Settings and build a new one here!”  Let’s see. 🙂

Sunset in Avida Parkway Settings Nuvali with the Tagaytay ridge as backdrop.

Avida Parkway Settings Nuvali Nov2012 (54)

15 Replies to “Finally got to step on my lot in Parkway!”

  1. Jo…this is so exciting. I can visualize entering that gate to get to our place. Fingers crossed we can build soon (God willing)!! – Iggy

      1. Hi,,do you have any idea if block 35 is on high elevation? keeping fingers cross that my lot they will start building this month..appreciate your help thanks…Sam

        1. Hi Sam, B35 is in the area fronting the clubhouse — not as high as the B38 area, but still higher than the ones South of the clubhouse. If you look at the APSN map, the elevation is highest on the upper left quadrant, and slopes downwards towards the lower right quadrant, towards Avida Village.

  2. Nice update! I envy your lot! Would you have any idea if Block 38 is on high elevation? This is the one with a courtyard near the perimeter fence-front. We haven’t seen the area and we just bought based on the site development plan.

    1. Hi! Sorry for the late reply. When we visited, we noticed that the general upper area of Parkway, from Block38 all the way to the main road/entrance (Block45), is actually more elevated than the other parts, but within it are areas which roll and dip. Block 38 is part of the lower dip, but it is still higher than the highest parts in other phases. 🙂

  3. I’ve been following your blog as per RV’s recommendation. Future home owner in APSN here too! Thanks for the updates, with your blog, I know what’s happening even without going there.

    How can we see the lots? Do we just go there and inform the guard or do we need to set an appointment with the community Engineer? I’m excited to see my lot up close. 🙂

      1. I was actually able to visit it last Friday, during the long weekend. There’s something about it that makes me excited! Hoping the model houses are completed soon so that I can pay a visit again! 🙂

        1. Wow that’s wonderful! And I agree, meron ngang exciting vibe yung rolling terrain. I think it’s also being surrounded by mountains and the Laguna lake — great feng shui daw. 🙂

  4. Thanks for the update here and keep us up to date with what is happening…looking forward also for the model house to be finished soon because when I visited last week of Dec they are still half way of the construction..but main gate is looking good already…

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