Greening the roofdeck

There’s nothing like entertaining at home to raise the urgency of fixing up one’s house.

My birthday’s coming up and I’ve already invited friends and family to come over for a housewarming/birthday barbecue, so I’ve been pressured to finish a home project with which I’ve been dillydallying: the roofdeck.

My Nuvali Home Roofdeck Dec2012 (2)

This week, we greened the concrete floor surrounding the grass. The original plan was just to leave the concrete floor as is, unpainted and “unfinished”, to go with the industrial look of the rest of the house, but we had some cracking issues on the deck because of the exposure to rain and sun. Solution was to take out the cracking layer of pure concrete (puro), and apply flexibond plus elastomeric paint. I chose a garden green color to unify the grass and non-grass portions of the floor.

Next step is to put a wooden box to encase the soil, and then go furniture shopping.

My Nuvali Home Roofdeck Dec2012 (1)

The grill is ready and waiting, and am happy to say that with the teak lounge chairs, the place is already coming together. Yay!

10 Replies to “Greening the roofdeck”

    1. Hi, I live in Avida Settings actually πŸ™‚ They didn’t allow an open roofdeck — kailangan may bubong, para unified yung itsura along with the other houses in Settings.

  1. Looks awesome. I’ve been reading your blog for months now since I bought a lot at Parkway Settings. Looking forward to see a photo of your house from outside πŸ™‚

    1. Thanks Logan. Won’t be posting too many pics of the house though for security reasons.

      Where’s your Parkway lot? Some areas are already ready for building. πŸ™‚ Ganda rin don, very breezy!

      1. Its somewhere around BLK 10. I was looking for your house when I went to Nuvali Settings. Hahaha! Not sure if I can start on building my dream home by 2013, but every time I browse through your blog, I get inspired and start imagining what my house might look like. Yep, I saw your photos on APSN, the elevation is awesome! Sana hindi nila tangalin yung mga elevated parts para mala Canyon Woods ang dating. lol!

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