Updates from the Nov2012 ASNU homeowners’ assembly

ASNU HOA Meeting Nov2012

I got to attend the Avida Settings Nuvali Homeowners’ General Assembly on November 25, 2012. Wish I could’ve stayed longer– would’ve been a perfect opportunity to interact with fellow homeowners and meet neighbors in the flesh. Imagine having over 1,600 families to get to know!  Hopefully can do that at the Christmas party.

The room was packed, with about 400 people in attendance (that’s just 1/4 of the total Avida Settings Nuvali population), and also present were Ayala Property Management Corp. (APMC) and Avida Land personnel.

Here are the updates I got to pick up:

  • Avida Land Corp. will turnover the management of the village to the Homeowners’ Association by January 2013, with certain deliverables, such as completion/upgrading of parks and green ribbons.
  • The annual budget to maintain the village was discussed by Engr. Vic Angeles, and this was used as the basis for coming up with a working figure for the monthly dues.
  • Avida Settings Nuvali association dues will start at P7.16/sqm/month effective January 2013

Other relevant points raised:

  • Nuvali developments–whether residential, commercial– pay Nuvali Estate dues to cover common areas such as Nuvali Boulevard, etc.   This is important because now we know that as part of ASNU, we are also paying regular dues for the management of Nuvail as a whole, and can therefore make demands/ask for accountability regarding the ways these dues are being used.  Next step now is to investigate who makes up the Nuvali administration team, and who we can write re specific concerns when needed.
  • I also found out that the non-potable water supply for the whole of Nuvali is not yet in place, and will take, more or less, another 5 years to develop.  This is unfortunate, especially since I redid the plumbing for my house to specifically accommodate the dual piping system in areas that were overlooked by my contractor.  Better to have the provisions in place, I know, but it’s frustrating to find out it was a hollow effort and will remain one for the next 5 years.

If you got to attend the full briefing, please do share other updates I missed.

The latter part of the assembly was to organize volunteer committees, and ahead of time I already advised Engr. Vic to include me in the Community Relations/Education Committee.  I grew up in a friendly neighborhood in Quezon City (with about 400 households) and can vouch for the myriad benefits of knowing one’s neighbors.  I would love to get involved and develop community programs or gatherings to foster dialogue on our shared interests, including such topics as green living, gardening, community sharing, solid waste management.  Admittedly I have very little information as to what programs are already in place, and am just very excited to get out there and join the discussion.  Avida Settings Nuvali has a huge population, and although there is a high possibility of coming across neighbors who will just disagree and discourage, there is also as big a chance of finding like minds, and together creating a thriving, engaging community.   🙂

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  1. Hi, Johanna. Dual piping system sounds interesting. So you mean, eventually, water to toilet water closets will be sourced from a separate grey water supply pipe? Also to garage faucet? Hope this can be done in all future communities.

  2. hi. i read one of your posts regarding green living and you mentioned about a green roof. APMC did not allow you to put up a green roof?

    1. I put up a small grass patch on my deck but still had to build a roof over it to comply with the village restrictions.

  3. there was a meeting held last march 2, 2014 at the village clubhouse, I saw/heard some arguments between the previous, current board and some of the homeowners. which I think was not a good one. They are actually yelling at each other face to face. I think there was a politics behind those heated arguments. Some of the homeowners walk out of the meeting. It seems that they are arguing something about the anomaly in the last BOD election. Well what ever it was, all i can say is that whatever arguments between the prev and current board should be discuss internally between them and stop throwing negative feedback, rumors and gossip in the previous and current BOD. Show some respect and act professionally. Leave the past behind and for the current BOD, concentrate and focus on the current issues which will benefit our village.

    1. Hi and thanks for the update. That’s very unfortunate. Were you able to stay until the end of the assembly? What were the main issues raised and were there resolutions made? Would be glad for feedback as I haven’t been able to attend any of the meetings.

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