where do you watch movies in the South?

One of my city errands whenever I head to Ortigas is to watch new movies that are showing at the cinema. There have been days when I’ve marathoned three movies in a row — yes, that’s how movie-deprived I’ve been getting in the South.

I’ve tried watching in ATC, but the cinemas there leave much to be desired. Friends who’ve lived in the South for a while say the closest safe bet is Newport City, but it’s still a good 30 to 40-minute drive away from Nuvali.

Every time I pass by Laguna Central’s soon-to-rise complex next to Paseo de Sta. Rosa, I get hopeful that the two-storey structure will have within it a decent cinema…

Laguna Central Dec 2012 (1)

Laguna Central Dec 2012 (2)

A friend got me excited when he said he heard the new Greenfield commercial area would indeed have one … Can anyone confirm this? Fingers-crossed the rumors are true!

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