Back in the groove of life

February is quickly becoming productivity month. Seems everyone is “in the zone” and busily buzzing about. A friend put it simply: the Christmas magic is gone, and people are now getting into the groove of life again.

I also finally picked up the brush last week and wet the canvas.

Montalut - Studio Feb2013 (2)

Haven’t painted with oils since 2006 — it was admittedly quite a moment.  I guess it’s also the pressure of the possibility of losing the creative space soon… so every day left in Nuvali has turned more precious. It still breaks my heart every time a buyer looks at the house.

2 Replies to “Back in the groove of life”

  1. sad to see you go for now… does it means that you will end your nuvali blog as well? ): I am really fond of reading your posts. hope you still will continue this blog.

    1. Hi JM. I still have family and friends in Nuvali, will keep updating the blog as long as am able. Also have another lot in Parkway, so I’ll be a Nuvali stakeholder for a good while. 🙂 Thanks for the note!

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