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Home furnishings Apr 2013 (2)

Spotted at the mall yesterday — chair leg covers! Didn’t even realize these things existed. Bravo Daiso!

I haven’t bought anything for the house in over three months, and I think every homebuilder can relate to this: there just comes a point when you want to put down the builder’s hat and go back to everyday life. This happened for me in a very pronounced way — I quit the hardware store (byebye True Value) cold turkey last December and decided I would stop spending for home renovations or decor.

Yesterday I remembered something a friend shared years ago: once you have a house, you’ll forever be renovating and restyling. So true. Little pick-me-uppers that don’t hurt the pocket are a good way to get into the groove of being a homemaker once again… but this time I’ll go at it slowly and remember to enjoy the process.

I think these leg warmers are a fun alternative to foam pads that come in uninspired white or black.

Home furnishings Apr 2013 (1)

Available at the Japan Home Store/Daiso.

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