Greens and Patches: a tree nursery in Nuvali

Took a wrong turn while biking two weeks ago and found our way to Nuvali’s community nursery, Greens and Patches.

Greens and Patches March 2013 (1)

We got to explore a bit of the nursery itself, which had rows of trees with matching labels, just like the fruit tree area at the Manila Seedling bank along EDSA.

Greens and Patches March 2013 (2)

The rest of the area was closed, but the caretakers/gardeners told us they just need a go signal from Nuvali management to let visitors in. If you’re looking to visit, drop by the Evoliving Center for a pass beforehand. Other areas of interest include a vegetable maze, an herb garden, even a pond. I was curious to see the vertical garden… maybe next time.

Greens and Patches March 2013 (3)

I would assume the area is accessible to light vehicles via the dirt road in between Elaro and Montecito in Nuvali Central. Just know that the road is not paved (i.e. it’s just compressed soil), so best to go on a dry day.

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