Heading North

Montalut - We are traveling

Bracing myself for another move, this time back to the North as I go back to university life (yes, a freshman again in my 30s!).

I’ll still be visiting every now and then, but what will I miss about living in Nuvali everyday?

  • biking!
  • the long easy drive on SLEX
  • trail biking!
  • peace and quiet
  • the long easy drive on Nuvali Boulevard, where I usually roll down my windows to let the fresh air welcome me home
  • being so close to freshly-harvested organic produce from Sta. Elena’s Holy Carabao Farm
  • being 20 minutes away from Tagaytay and 10 minutes away from fresh buko
  • being an hour ++ away from the Batangas beaches
  • not needing to use fans or aircon, even during the day
  • wide open spaces everywhere
  • just the sights and sounds of the South:  Mt. Makiling, the birds, the Nuvali lake, the stars at night, the pink-orange-purple sunsets
  • the active energy of Nuvali athletes– the everyday bikers and runners
  • the new friends I’ve made in the South!

What would I cram into the days I have left?

  • more biking!
  • I will probably finally give wakeboarding a good try
  • I would’ve wanted to try yoga everyday, but Breathe, the new yoga studio in Nuvali, will only be opening on May 20 (that’s actually in 10 days already!)

I have a lot in Parkway which I’m saving for another creative build (will first gather enough love and resources — time, energy and funding– to birth another home!), so definitely there are still a lot of blank pages on my personal Nuvali story.  My family also has properties here, so Nuvali will continue to be home in more ways than one.


I do hope the Nuvali community grows richer in camaraderie and actual face-to-face encounters. One of my dreams is still to create a physical gathering place for innovative, positive, and active dialogue by way of art, green tech, and wealth creation.  Think art salons of the olden times, but Pinoy version (with abundant food! and laughter! and doers! Bawal all-talk), and with lots of playful spirit.  An open and friendly place for ideas to germinate and get implemented.  Haaaay. Dreams are free. But they also have a deadline.  Baby steps.

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    1. Many thanks, Ryan! And sorry for the much delayed reply. How are things holding out in the South now? Hope all good and happy 🙂

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