What are the bike trails in Nuvali these days?

I loved, loved biking in Nuvali earlier this year (February-May 2013), but I’m wondering what the bike trails are like these days, given all the new property developments inside Nuvali?

I plotted the 4 trails that I used to bike on the map below:


Can anyone give updates on these trails?  Are any of them in danger of being closed?  I know the Enduro trail is right smack in the middle of Avida Woodhills Settings, which has already begun land development, so maybe byebye Enduro na nga. 🙁   Too bad as those were fun, short trails!  I hope with fingers and toes crossed that New Zealand is still intact !

Also noticed a big chunk of land being cleared along Nuvali Boulevard on the downward slope coming from Republic Wakepark.

Around Nuvali Oct 2013 (40)

Around Nuvali Oct 2013 (41)


Around Nuvali Oct 2013 (42)

A new bike trail in the making, perhaps?  🙂

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