My fave new word!

Been researching patio and indoor garden designs to incorporate into my house, and came across Rusco, a door and window supplier which offered exactly what I was looking for– a bright, sunny happy room for lounging, entertaining, or doing some serious quiet time:

And what could be a more apt word for it than sunroom!

I can already see it– a cheery sunroom surrounded with green vertical gardens and happy living walls…!

Ayayay, so exciting!

More sunroom photos at Rusco.Ca.

Do you know what a coconut apple is?

My friend Cris told me she opened up a coconut at home today and along with extremely rich coco oil, it had a soft whitish mass inside.  A quick search told her it was actually a coconut apple:

(Image from Fresh Greenery)

I’ve never seen anything like this before, but turns out it’s widely eaten in Latin America and India.

(Image from Niya’s World)

Angel Nunez from Belize writes:

When a coconut falls to the ground, it is already mature and partly green and brown. This coconut has the potentials of growing into a new plant. Shortly, in the presence of moisture, air and sunlight, this nut will break a small shoot with miniature leaves. Soon it will break roots which will feed water to the developing plant.

However, before the roots shoot, the plant uses the coconut water inside the nut. It is at this early stage that a white spongy material grows inside the nut to provide nutrients to the plant before the roots sprout. This white spongy material is the coconut apple. To enjoy a juicy sweet apple you need to cut open the nut at the right stage just before the roots are too long or the apple will be dry and tough and will no longer be sweet.

Anyone knows what this is called in Tagalog?

Never pictured a coconut sprouting, even if my friend Cris always tells me they make good indoor plants and are everywhere in Ponderosa (sa tabi-tabi lang daw)….!

Here’s a good visual of a coconut sprout from Niya’s World:

Interesting stuff!! Will be planting coconut sprouts in Nuvali for sure, or at the very least in Tagaytay!

More on coconut apples and coconut sprouts here:
Niya’s World
Fresh Greenery
Ever Heard of Coconut Apples? by Angel Nunez

Vegetable juicing (research)

carrot sticks for my hummus
Read today that carrot juice is the best vegetable juice for daily consumption.  We swayed against juicing carrots a long time ago because they stained our juicer, but I guess we’ll have to love those orange stains from now on!

More info on juicing from

Juicing – short intro to juicing
Vegetable juices – lists different pros and cons of each vegetable in relation to juicing
Fruit juices – lists pros and cons for fruits
10 Biggest Rules of Juicing from – good basic tips, like using a hand juicer for citrus (an auto juicer will also juice the seeds–a big no no!)

raw food menu planning (research)

raw food
Some sites for future study, summary, and testing!  Excited to see which ones will work best using Philippine ingredients:
– repost of David Wolfe’s All-Raw Diet Weekly for Spring/Summer and Fall/Winter seasons
Daily menu from – comprehensive raw menu good for 4 weeks
The Ultimate Raw Diet by Dr. Stanley S. Bass – strict step-by-step meal plan for one week – short discussion on top daily raw menus – short essay with tips on planning your raw food menu

OUCH! Sta. Rosa gas and toll fare

SLEX tollbooth

Definitely one of the biggest adjustments I’ll make in moving to the South is the added cost of gas and toll!

SLEX toll

I used to spend P500 for gas weekly and zero for toll fare. Compare that to this week, which saw at least five visits to Nuvali from Quezon City, and voila– I’ve gone well over P1,500 for my transpo expenses in one week!

Must think of more efficient ways of traveling to and fro the city… hopefully I get to figure out the shuttle services within Nuvali itself, and from Paseo de Sta. Rosa to Makati and Ortigas.

Mud House training in Palawan

This is sustainable architecture!

Hope to visit Bacungan and see this for myself next month:

Learn to Sculpt your own house with your bare hands, using just clay, sand and bamboo!

Interactive workshop starts on November 4, 2010
Innerdance Energy School,
Earth Village, Bacungan,
Puerto Princesa City, Palawan

For more info/reservation contact 09994512765

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