Have you tried oil pulling?

Picked up a new morning habit while on vacation: "oil pulling" or mouthwashing with coco oil for 20mins.  No fluff, easy detox.

Picked up a new morning habit while on vacation: “oil pulling” or mouthwashing with coconut oil for 20 minutes. No fluff, easy detox.

You just swish 1 tablespoon of coconut oil in your mouth and pull it through your teeth. Our body naturally detoxes while we sleep and the toxins end up in our mouth. The oil helps pull the toxins out — you’ll see that it will turn white by the end of 20 minutes (full of white germs!).  Important: You’re collecting the toxins for spitting out, so be careful not to swallow the oil.

It’s not easy to keep the oil in your mouth for 20 minutes, but it just takes getting used to.   It’s a new, healthy habit to start the morning right — do it while you prepare breakfast, shower, or check emails — but do it the moment you wake up (even before brushing your teeth).

Benefits: over-all clean feeling in the mouth, whiter teeth and healthier gums; oil pulling is also an age old Ayurvedic treatment for diabetes, etc.

I don’t like to over-research (information overload just leads to paralysis), so I tried oil pulling the morning after a friend mentioned it casually over dinner.  If you want to know more before jumping in, you can read up on oil pulling here:

UPDATE: Here‘s a great resource on oil pulling, put together by Dr. Bruce Fife at the Coconut Research Center.org.  He says:

Some people think I’m crazy when I tell them that oil pulling can help those with asthma, allergies, chronic fatigue, diabetes, migraine headaches, PMS, and chronic skin problems. Oil pulling works by detoxifying or cleansing the body. In this way, disease promoting toxins are removed, thus allowing the body to heal itself. As a consequence, health problems of all types improve.


What are the bike trails in Nuvali these days?

I loved, loved biking in Nuvali earlier this year (February-May 2013), but I’m wondering what the bike trails are like these days, given all the new property developments inside Nuvali?

I plotted the 4 trails that I used to bike on the map below:


Can anyone give updates on these trails?  Are any of them in danger of being closed?  I know the Enduro trail is right smack in the middle of Avida Woodhills Settings, which has already begun land development, so maybe byebye Enduro na nga. 🙁   Too bad as those were fun, short trails!  I hope with fingers and toes crossed that New Zealand is still intact !

Also noticed a big chunk of land being cleared along Nuvali Boulevard on the downward slope coming from Republic Wakepark.

Around Nuvali Oct 2013 (40)

Around Nuvali Oct 2013 (41)


Around Nuvali Oct 2013 (42)

A new bike trail in the making, perhaps?  🙂

Around Nuvali: updates as of October 2013

It’s been a while since I posted.  How are you, Nuvali friends?

Took the chance to visit the South over sem break last October 23, and was happy I got to drive around Nuvali for a bit.

The trees seemed taller along Nuvali Boulevard, but it was Mt. Makiling– ever so beautiful and reassuring–  that brought me back to the familiarity of Nuvali:  even after months of being away, it still was home.  🙂

Here’s the Seda Hotel up close– I can count about 9 floors plus a penthouse.

Around Nuvali Oct 2013 (1)

Curious to know how the market would respond to a hotel in Nuvali. Mostly businessmen clientele, maybe?

Around Nuvali Oct 2013 (2)

Around Nuvali Oct 2013 (9)

The lake is still quieting and lovely–surely one of the everyday sights I miss.

Around Nuvali Oct 2013 (6)

As early as May 2013, I already noticed diggings being done on the other side of the Evoliving Center, so it was nice to see the new lake now dug up and filled with water.

Around Nuvali Oct 2013 (10)

Around Nuvali Oct 2013 (13)

Around Nuvali Oct 2013 (7)

The new lake extends all the way to the office/commercial area, now paved and ready for businesses to come in:

Around Nuvali Oct 2013 (5)

Around Nuvali Oct 2013 (4)

Around Nuvali Oct 2013 (3)

There’s also a new parking lot across the Evoliving Center.  Maybe built out of anticipated need?

Around Nuvali Oct 2013 (17)

Last September I saw posters about Green Installations around the lake– glad I got to see at least one sculpture on my visit.

Around Nuvali Oct 2013 (15)

I drove further in, towards Nuvali Central, and noticed road expansion along Nuvali Boulevard just after the rotonda guard:

Around Nuvali Oct 2013 (18)

I hope this finally addresses the flooding issue in this area.

Wanted to take a look at the site of the new Amaia mid-rise condominiums, so I turned right towards Xavier School Nuvali and drove all the way to the end.
Around Nuvali Oct 2013 (19)

There’s ongoing road construction at the end of that street, most likely the alternate road that will connect Nuvali Central and South to Solenad 2:
Around Nuvali Oct 2013 (20)

Around Nuvali Oct 2013 (21)

Based on this map dated July 2011, this road should be the Evoliving Parkway (Blue):
Nuvali Developments - July 2011 updates

Here’s the Amaia site, boarded up on the left, across Treveia.  Further ahead along the curving road is Xavier School.
Around Nuvali Oct 2013 (25)

I saw that Xavier had 3-storey buildings, so I imagined having twice as high Amaia condos next to it (the plan is to put up a cluster of 4 to 6-storey residential buildings).

Personally I would’ve preferred to have kept things more horizontal in this area, but I hear that the Amaia project is selling fast, so here’s to having faith that Ayala’s developing vision for this area works out.

In Nuvali South, the Venare gates are looking nice:
Around Nuvali Oct 2013 (27)

Around Nuvali Oct 2013 (28)

Mirala is also getting leveled and fenced in:
Around Nuvali - Mirala Oct 2013 (30)

Around Nuvali - Mirala Oct 2013 (31)

Around Nuvali - Mirala Oct 2013 (32)

Miriam College  Nuvali Oct 2013 (34)

I was surprised to see very little development on the Miriam College Nuvali site, considering their target school opening is just a little over 6 months away in June 2014:
Miriam College  Nuvali Oct 2013 (35)

Miriam College  Nuvali Oct 2013 (36)

Miriam College  Nuvali Oct 2013 (37)

Miriam College  Nuvali Oct 2013 (39)

Wasn’t able to take pictures of the Woodhill Settings project behind Venare, but also saw initial land development being done on site.

Could’nt help but feel tight in that area though– Avida Village Cerise, Woodhill Settings, Parkway Settings and Venare converging in one area.   I’m already anticipating the high volume of cars that will go in and out of Evoliving Parkway in the South (still the blue road on the map below) once residents start moving in.   Am glad that Parkway Settings has another gate along the main road (East Diversity Avenue) across Republic Wakepark as an alternative entry/exit point.

Nuvali Developments - July 2011 updates


*    *     *

There is so much to be missed in the South.  The peace and quiet, wide open spaces, the slowing down that makes you just weed out things that matter less, and cherish those that matter more.

Haaaay.  To those of you who are enjoying this life everyday, a big congratulations to you! Do send us your happy vibes 🙂

Nuvali, stay clean and quiet and friendly please.

Heading North

Montalut - We are traveling

Bracing myself for another move, this time back to the North as I go back to university life (yes, a freshman again in my 30s!).

I’ll still be visiting every now and then, but what will I miss about living in Nuvali everyday?

  • biking!
  • the long easy drive on SLEX
  • trail biking!
  • peace and quiet
  • the long easy drive on Nuvali Boulevard, where I usually roll down my windows to let the fresh air welcome me home
  • being so close to freshly-harvested organic produce from Sta. Elena’s Holy Carabao Farm
  • being 20 minutes away from Tagaytay and 10 minutes away from fresh buko
  • being an hour ++ away from the Batangas beaches
  • not needing to use fans or aircon, even during the day
  • wide open spaces everywhere
  • just the sights and sounds of the South:  Mt. Makiling, the birds, the Nuvali lake, the stars at night, the pink-orange-purple sunsets
  • the active energy of Nuvali athletes– the everyday bikers and runners
  • the new friends I’ve made in the South!

What would I cram into the days I have left?

  • more biking!
  • I will probably finally give wakeboarding a good try
  • I would’ve wanted to try yoga everyday, but Breathe, the new yoga studio in Nuvali, will only be opening on May 20 (that’s actually in 10 days already!)

I have a lot in Parkway which I’m saving for another creative build (will first gather enough love and resources — time, energy and funding– to birth another home!), so definitely there are still a lot of blank pages on my personal Nuvali story.  My family also has properties here, so Nuvali will continue to be home in more ways than one.


I do hope the Nuvali community grows richer in camaraderie and actual face-to-face encounters. One of my dreams is still to create a physical gathering place for innovative, positive, and active dialogue by way of art, green tech, and wealth creation.  Think art salons of the olden times, but Pinoy version (with abundant food! and laughter! and doers! Bawal all-talk), and with lots of playful spirit.  An open and friendly place for ideas to germinate and get implemented.  Haaaay. Dreams are free. But they also have a deadline.  Baby steps.

Greens and Patches: a tree nursery in Nuvali

Took a wrong turn while biking two weeks ago and found our way to Nuvali’s community nursery, Greens and Patches.

Greens and Patches March 2013 (1)

We got to explore a bit of the nursery itself, which had rows of trees with matching labels, just like the fruit tree area at the Manila Seedling bank along EDSA.

Greens and Patches March 2013 (2)

The rest of the area was closed, but the caretakers/gardeners told us they just need a go signal from Nuvali management to let visitors in. If you’re looking to visit, drop by the Evoliving Center for a pass beforehand. Other areas of interest include a vegetable maze, an herb garden, even a pond. I was curious to see the vertical garden… maybe next time.

Greens and Patches March 2013 (3)

I would assume the area is accessible to light vehicles via the dirt road in between Elaro and Montecito in Nuvali Central. Just know that the road is not paved (i.e. it’s just compressed soil), so best to go on a dry day.

New Zealand a la Nuvali

Been getting to know the bike trails in Nuvali…and so far, my favorite is still the New Zealand trail in Nuvali South.

Biking in Nuvali March 2013 (5)

Biking in Nuvali March 2013 (10)

It’s a scenic, easy roll up, roll down trail across the Miriam College site all the way to the back of Venare.

Biking in Nuvali March 2013 (1)

We thought weekends would be especially crowded at the trail but we were greeted by slow traffic even on a weekday morning:

Biking in Nuvali March 2013 (3)

I’ve been charged by a cow in Batanes, so I know better than to startle a grazing herd.  It took about 10 minutes and a gentle “excuse me” for them to let us pass.  😛

Biking in Nuvali March 2013 (7)


I hope they keep this trail open and develop other parts of Nuvali first… it really is a gift to have this just five minutes away!

Melons and summer harvest

Such sweet melons from Robinson’s Supermarket Nuvali!

Fruits Summer 2013 (2)

We did a quick stop last night to restock on fruits at home and were surprised to find the fruit pile almost emptied out, but for melons and papayas (even bananas were sold out). Seems everyone had fruit salads over the Holy Week. Was glad for it though– I tend to skip the melon corner on a regular day because I can’t blend them in my green smoothies (melons are best eaten alone). This batch was so sweet and delicious, I finished the whole thing in one sitting! Wasn’t able to take a pic of the uncut melon, but it was of the yellow skin variety. Still have two white cantaloupes waiting on the kitchen counter, along with other summer fruits:

Fruits Summer 2013 (1)

I had to go back for the bananas and mangoes this afternoon, but am happy to share that the squash above is from our own garden. 🙂 The plant grew out of our compost pit last year, so we moved it to a nice sunny spot, and voila– three months after, we harvested our first homegrown kalabasa!

Here’s another happy leafy green that sprouted from a fallen seed:

PEchay at home

Very thankful for the fertile Nuvali soil.