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If you also believe in Nuvali and in the promise it brings, I would love to help you choose the best option for you.

Your residential options in Nuvali

There is a wide range of housing options you can choose from in Nuvali:

Nuvali North
Abrio a prime community next to the lakeside district; lots start at 800 square meters
Santierra 77-hectares of gently rolling terrain with lots starting at 600 square meters


Nuvali Central
Montecito Mediterranean-inspired with small lakes for the exclusive use of residents
Elaro a premier development located next to the Wildlife and Bird Sanctuary
Treveia a 60-hectare residential development adjacent to Xavier School Nuvali
Avida Settings Nuvali the first to offer house and lot packages in Nuvali, now with over 200 residents
Ridgeview Estates Nuvali a small community next to the ridge, offering houses along greenways


Nuvali South
Venare perfect for an active lifestyle, with 5 specialized parks and located across Republic Wakepark
Avida Parkway Settings sequel to Avida Settings, APSN offers house and lot packages, and a number of lot only options. located across Republic Wakepark, with rolling terrain
Avida Woodhill Settings newest project in Nuvali, launched in December 2012, located behind Parkway Settings and Avida Village
Avida Village Nuvali a 20-hectare community offering houses at 30 and 50 square meters

Download an overview of a Nuvali community below:

More Nuvali downloads available here.

Invest in a Commercial Lot in Nuvali

Commercial lots at Nuvali are available at an average size of 2,000 square meters per lot, with option to combine lots depending on the need of the locator. These are open for retail areas near the lake, as well as offices and BPO centers in the surrounding business district. Current locators in Nuvali include Xavier School, which is set to open its first school year in June 2012 adjacent to the Treveia site.

  • Saleable Lots:
    1. Lakeside Evozone East: 27 Lots
    2. Lakeside Evozone South: 39 Lots
    3. Lakeside Evozone East 2: 28 Lots  (coming in September 2011)
  • Average Lot Cut: 2,000 sqm
  • Primary Uses:
    1. Office
    2. Training or Conference facility or Studio
    3. Hotel
    4. Dormitory, Apartment or Condominium
    5. Tertiary Level Schools
    6. Hospital or Clinic
    7. Retail
  • Please contact us for Available Inventory

Nuvali Real Estate updates:

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About Nuvali

Nuvali was introduced in 2007 as the first eco-community in the country.   Since then it has seen the rise of retail and office areas and has become a destination on its own.

The even better news is that actual residents are also starting to gain in number.   More and more people are making the sustainable lifestyle an everyday reality in Nuvali!

Why Nuvali?

I listed 3 reasons in April 2008 why I knew in my heart, even then, that Nuvali would be “my future home and the home of my kids and their kids”:

Offhand, it’s really because I believe in the project.
It’s not just another piece of land converted into livable space for houses. Much like a visionary company with inspiring people behind it, Nuvali is a project with soul, and it shows. There is a real commitment to responsible living, which is not something you hear property developers in the Philippines rally everyday.

2. It is a responsible venture, with long-term quality life at its core.
As more and more people in the world clamor for greener lifestyles, it makes me proud and excited that in our own country, someone (or some group, i.e. Ayala) is doing his fair share in not just conducting business responsibly, but in providing ways–concretely and with the long-term in mind–for people to also live their lives responsibly. This means that we, as individual citizens, can also directly participate in this green revolution by living the green lifestyle ourselves, and living it not just in bits and pieces, but wholly and collectively!

3. It offers a shot at holistic, responsible living to those willing to work for it.
Living in Nuvali is not cheap, but it’s not incredulously expensive either. We were very happy to service one OFW client, and his wife and three kids based in Laguna, as they excitedly made their lot purchase. Bank financing is readily available, with options to pay in 10 years or more.

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