A sunset wedding in Nuvali

Earlier this month, we attended a wedding at St. Benedict’s Church in Ayala Westgrove, with the reception held at Monochrome Events place next to the Nuvali lake.

Around Nuvali 2015 (8)

The last time I visited this was in early 2013 when it was newly opened, and it was nice to see it dressed up for a special event like a wedding.

Was also so happy my precious Nuvali sky didn’t fail to impress: we were greeted by clouds of glorious pinks, yellows and oranges.

Around Nuvali 2015 (6)

Nuvali will always be home. 🙂

where do you watch movies in the South?

One of my city errands whenever I head to Ortigas is to watch new movies that are showing at the cinema. There have been days when I’ve marathoned three movies in a row — yes, that’s how movie-deprived I’ve been getting in the South.

I’ve tried watching in ATC, but the cinemas there leave much to be desired. Friends who’ve lived in the South for a while say the closest safe bet is Newport City, but it’s still a good 30 to 40-minute drive away from Nuvali.

Every time I pass by Laguna Central’s soon-to-rise complex next to Paseo de Sta. Rosa, I get hopeful that the two-storey structure will have within it a decent cinema…

Laguna Central Dec 2012 (1)

Laguna Central Dec 2012 (2)

A friend got me excited when he said he heard the new Greenfield commercial area would indeed have one … Can anyone confirm this? Fingers-crossed the rumors are true!

Internet in Nuvali – mobile vs. cable?

Living in Nuvali Sept2012 (3)

I’ve been going online in Nuvali via Smart Mobile (I send “Unli 50” to 211 for 24-hour unlimited surfing), and although signal can get pretty good at times, there is still the inevitable lag or down time. I’m curious if anyone can vouch for PLDT DSL in Nuvali?  What’s the best speed you’ve encountered and what plan did you get?