Shuttles in and out of Nuvali

Saw these signs around Solenad last week. Have any of you gone on the Nuvali-BGC express shuttle? How was it?

Around Nuvali May2014 (9)

You’ll notice that the shuttle within Nuvali goes all the way from Solenad 1 to Avida Village in Nuvali South.  No listed schedules though.  Next time, I’ll ask how often these vans pass through these stops.

Around Nuvali May2014 (11)

Around Nuvali May2014 (10)

One interesting thing I noticed were bike racks in Solenad 2, beside Robinson’s Supermarket and near the Terminal.  Great option for everyday commuters to Makati/BGC who want to bike from their houses in Nuvali, leave their bikes for the day, and have a ready means of transport to head back home at the end of the day.

Around Nuvali May2014 (15)

It’s just unfortunate that the parking area for bikes is uncovered, but it’s still a great new feature in the community!

Nuvali Transport Terminal trip schedule (October 2012)

I was very frustrated a few weeks ago when I visited the Nuvali Terminal to board the 8 or 8:30am shuttle to Makati, and was told that the last shuttle for the day had already left at 7:30am.   I asked the guard if that day was an exception and pointed to the newly posted shuttle schedule, and he said usually there were only two trips every morning to Makati (as opposed to one every half hour from 6:30-9:00am).

I’m sure there are others who were/continue to be equally frustrated, and I wish Nuvali management would be more considerate and responsible in posting signs.

I noticed early this week that the errant tarpaulin has been taken down.

Sharing the most recent “sign” I saw at the terminal for everyone’s benefit:

Nuvali TRansportation Oct2012 (2)

Nuvali Transport Terminal Oct2012 (1)

Nuvali Transport Terminal Oct2012 (3)

Nuvali Transport Terminal Oct2012 (4)

Will try to get a clearer photo next time, but I hope the above already helps those who need to figure out a way in and out of Nuvali on a regular basis.   I haven’t taken either of these transport vehicles (there are Nuvali vans and buses servicing the North-Central-South route), so would be glad for feedback from actual users.


Nuvali Shuttle Service to Makati and vice-versa

UPDATE as of Sept. 29, 2012:  We went to the Terminal to take the 8am shuttle last Thursday, and were very upset to be told that there were only two trips that day, and the last shuttle had left at 7:30am.  Nuvali management should be more responsible in posting schedules — this is not the first time they’ve advertised shuttles only to let commuters down.

Spotted at the entrance of the Nuvali Terminal just last September 14, 2012.

Living in Nuvali Sept2012 (2)

Free shuttle around Nuvali

Nuvali transportation Apr2012

Spotted in Nuvali: the “free ride” shuttle!

According to the driver, there are three shuttles like this that go around Nuvali. They do the rounds of the different villages (pick up point is by the gate), even all the way to Montecito, and back to the Solenad area three times everyday:

  • 6:30 am
  • 11:00 am
  • 7:00 pm

He said pick up schedule from Solenad is the same– can anyone help confirm this, as well as exact pick up points there?


Exciting infrastructure developments in the South

A quick look at three planned infrastructure projects South of Manila– LRT 1 expansion,  the Daang Hari-South Luzon Expressway link road, CALA Expressway – Cavite side — as read in the Inquirer:

The LRT 1 expansion project aims to stretch the existing 15-kilometer line that ends in Baclaran by an additional 11.7 km to reach Bacoor, Cavite.

From the website:

Start of Construction (Phase 1) August 2012 – August 2014
Start of Construction (Phase 2) September 2014 – March 2016
Commissioning Phase 1 September 2014
Commissioning Phase 2 April 2016

More from the Inquirer article:

Fresh from its victory in the bidding for the Daang Hari-South Luzon Expressway link road, which was the Aquino administration’s first PPP project, Ayala is preparing to bid for the Cala Expressway project, whose likely route would likely be within a “striking distance” from the group’s vast mixed-use estate Nuvali in Sta. Rosa, Francia said.

The 27.5-km Cala Expressway ranks higher on Ayala’s priority list…

From another Inquirer article:

Daang Hari is a major arterial road connecting rapidly growing towns of Imus, Dasmariñas and Bacoor in Cavite to Metro Manila via the SLEx. It will be a new road that will exit South Luzon Expressway near the Susana Heights Interchange and pass through government properties in Muntinlupa, ending at Daang Hari near Verdana Homes in Imus, Cavite. This road provides strategic access to Cavite, much-needed relief to traffic in the congested Alabang-Zapote Road and Commerce Avenue.
Singson said the Daang Hari-SLEx Link Road Project was a “strategic component” of the Metro Manila Urban Expressway Network Master Plan, which intends to provide a high-standard highway within a 200-kilometer radius of Metro Manila. He expected the Daang Hari construction to start by February 2012 for segment 1 and September 2012 for segment 2. The project will be implemented following the Build-Transfer-Operate (BTO) arrangement for a period of 30 years.

CALA Expressway – Cavite side section (27.5 km) from DPWH website:

Project Objective :
To ease traffic congestion and support economic development of the Cavite-Laguna (CALA) region

Project Description :
Construction of a 27.5 km, 4-lane highway from the terminus of the R-1 Expressway in Kawit, Cavite to Aguinaldo Highway at Silang, Cavite and Laguna

Project Cost : P 11.79 Billion (US$ 262 Million)

Construction/Opening: April 2014 – Nov. 2016

Exciting developments indeed, targeted for completion four years from now.

By then I’d hope that the Nuvali business and residential communities–which have much to benefit from and contribute in terms of traffic and actual use to these three projects–will have grown by the hundredfold!  😉


Thanks again to gerard505 of Skyscrapercity-Nuvali for the link to the news article.

Commuting to Nuvali (as of January 2012)

Here’s the latest update on the Nuvali Transport Terminal, which went on soft opening last November 2011:

Nuvali Transport Terminal Jan 2012 (1)

Serviced routes now include Nuvali – Ortigas, Alabang Town Center, Balibago and Makati.
Nuvali Transport Terminal Jan 2012 (2)

Nuvali Transport Terminal Jan 2012 (4)
The Transport Terminal is also accessible from the Sta. Rosa – Tagaytay road, and if you ask for route info, guards by the entrance hand out these flyers…
Nuvali Transport Terminal Jan 2012 (7)
which detail shuttle schedules and pick up/drop off points:
Nuvali Transport Terminal Jan 2012 (6)

Seeing the very empty terminal, I asked the guard on duty if these schedules are actually followed, and he gave me these numbers to contact, just be to sure:
Nuvali Transport Terminal Jan 2012 (3)

Nuvali Transport Terminal Jan 2012 (5)

I read on the Facebook fanpage of Nuvali that the shuttle to and from Ortigas costs P85 one way.   Would be great if anyone could actually confirm this– if true, it sure beats my driving cost  of P900 roundtrip.

Time to commute to Nuvali!

Nuvali Transport Terminal is ready for service!

Update as of January 2012:

So cool.  Can’t wait to try this out.

Found via @typicarlo.

Update:  Sharing more info from the Facebook page:

Jam Liner buses will pick-up passengers from NUVALI to Makati from 6am-7am only, while the Makati to NUVALI bus route is from 5:30pm to 6pm. The East Drive and Highway Drive pick-up point is located at the back of Hotel Intercontinental.

Update as of January 2012:

Taking the Mamplasan shortcut to Nuvali

Just got our Nuvali and Greenfield stickers– finally we get to take the Mamplasan exit to Nuvali-Tagaytay!

Along the Mamplasan exit Sept2011 (18)

Before this we had two exit options:  via Eton, which is two exits away (about another 10 kilometers) from Mamplasan, or via Sta. Rosa, which we avoid like the plague because of heavy traffic from tricycles, jeepneys and buses along the Sta. Rosa road.

To be able to pass through Mamplasan, we applied for the two stickers below:

Nuvali and Greenfield Stickers Sept2011

Sticker application is quick and painless, if not for the hefty fees– the Avida Settings Nuvali sticker cost P100, but the Greenfield Parkway sticker was P750.

Given the rising gas prices and toll fees (we start paying VAT on toll next month, boo!), I’ll gladly take any shortcut to save on expenses.   There’s also the time saved, and the joy of driving through uncrowded roads.

Along the Mamplasan exit Sept2011 (12)

Along the Mamplasan exit Sept2011 (26)

Along the Mamplasan exit Sept2011 (32)

Things to get ready in case you also plan to apply for stickers (applicable to Nuvali residents):

Greenfield Sticker

  1. Filled out application form, signed/endorsed by Nuvali
  2. Photocopy of the latest OR and CR of your car
  3. P750 sticker fee
I suggest you pass for the Greenfield form on your way to Nuvali, so you can have it signed by your village admin while you apply for your Nuvali sticker.  Make sure you also note down your TIN as you’ll need to include it on the form.


Nuvali sticker (via Avida Settings)

  1. Filled out application form
  2. Photocopy of your driver’s license
  3. Copy of the latest OR and CR of your car
  4. P100 sticker fee