A sunset wedding in Nuvali

Earlier this month, we attended a wedding at St. Benedict’s Church in Ayala Westgrove, with the reception held at Monochrome Events place next to the Nuvali lake.

Around Nuvali 2015 (8)

The last time I visited this was in early 2013 when it was newly opened, and it was nice to see it dressed up for a special event like a wedding.

Was also so happy my precious Nuvali sky didn’t fail to impress: we were greeted by clouds of glorious pinks, yellows and oranges.

Around Nuvali 2015 (6)

Nuvali will always be home. 🙂

Around Nuvali: updates as of October 2013

It’s been a while since I posted.  How are you, Nuvali friends?

Took the chance to visit the South over sem break last October 23, and was happy I got to drive around Nuvali for a bit.

The trees seemed taller along Nuvali Boulevard, but it was Mt. Makiling– ever so beautiful and reassuring–  that brought me back to the familiarity of Nuvali:  even after months of being away, it still was home.  🙂

Here’s the Seda Hotel up close– I can count about 9 floors plus a penthouse.

Around Nuvali Oct 2013 (1)

Curious to know how the market would respond to a hotel in Nuvali. Mostly businessmen clientele, maybe?

Around Nuvali Oct 2013 (2)

Around Nuvali Oct 2013 (9)

The lake is still quieting and lovely–surely one of the everyday sights I miss.

Around Nuvali Oct 2013 (6)

As early as May 2013, I already noticed diggings being done on the other side of the Evoliving Center, so it was nice to see the new lake now dug up and filled with water.

Around Nuvali Oct 2013 (10)

Around Nuvali Oct 2013 (13)

Around Nuvali Oct 2013 (7)

The new lake extends all the way to the office/commercial area, now paved and ready for businesses to come in:

Around Nuvali Oct 2013 (5)

Around Nuvali Oct 2013 (4)

Around Nuvali Oct 2013 (3)

There’s also a new parking lot across the Evoliving Center.  Maybe built out of anticipated need?

Around Nuvali Oct 2013 (17)

Last September I saw posters about Green Installations around the lake– glad I got to see at least one sculpture on my visit.

Around Nuvali Oct 2013 (15)

I drove further in, towards Nuvali Central, and noticed road expansion along Nuvali Boulevard just after the rotonda guard:

Around Nuvali Oct 2013 (18)

I hope this finally addresses the flooding issue in this area.

Wanted to take a look at the site of the new Amaia mid-rise condominiums, so I turned right towards Xavier School Nuvali and drove all the way to the end.
Around Nuvali Oct 2013 (19)

There’s ongoing road construction at the end of that street, most likely the alternate road that will connect Nuvali Central and South to Solenad 2:
Around Nuvali Oct 2013 (20)

Around Nuvali Oct 2013 (21)

Based on this map dated July 2011, this road should be the Evoliving Parkway (Blue):
Nuvali Developments - July 2011 updates

Here’s the Amaia site, boarded up on the left, across Treveia.  Further ahead along the curving road is Xavier School.
Around Nuvali Oct 2013 (25)

I saw that Xavier had 3-storey buildings, so I imagined having twice as high Amaia condos next to it (the plan is to put up a cluster of 4 to 6-storey residential buildings).

Personally I would’ve preferred to have kept things more horizontal in this area, but I hear that the Amaia project is selling fast, so here’s to having faith that Ayala’s developing vision for this area works out.

In Nuvali South, the Venare gates are looking nice:
Around Nuvali Oct 2013 (27)

Around Nuvali Oct 2013 (28)

Mirala is also getting leveled and fenced in:
Around Nuvali - Mirala Oct 2013 (30)

Around Nuvali - Mirala Oct 2013 (31)

Around Nuvali - Mirala Oct 2013 (32)

Miriam College  Nuvali Oct 2013 (34)

I was surprised to see very little development on the Miriam College Nuvali site, considering their target school opening is just a little over 6 months away in June 2014:
Miriam College  Nuvali Oct 2013 (35)

Miriam College  Nuvali Oct 2013 (36)

Miriam College  Nuvali Oct 2013 (37)

Miriam College  Nuvali Oct 2013 (39)

Wasn’t able to take pictures of the Woodhill Settings project behind Venare, but also saw initial land development being done on site.

Could’nt help but feel tight in that area though– Avida Village Cerise, Woodhill Settings, Parkway Settings and Venare converging in one area.   I’m already anticipating the high volume of cars that will go in and out of Evoliving Parkway in the South (still the blue road on the map below) once residents start moving in.   Am glad that Parkway Settings has another gate along the main road (East Diversity Avenue) across Republic Wakepark as an alternative entry/exit point.

Nuvali Developments - July 2011 updates


*    *     *

There is so much to be missed in the South.  The peace and quiet, wide open spaces, the slowing down that makes you just weed out things that matter less, and cherish those that matter more.

Haaaay.  To those of you who are enjoying this life everyday, a big congratulations to you! Do send us your happy vibes 🙂

Nuvali, stay clean and quiet and friendly please.

Nuvali lakeside at night

Saw recent pics of a wedding held at The Monochrome Events Place in Nuvali — glad to know it’s finally up and running!

Got to visit that area and spend a few minutes by the Nuvali lakeside sometime in December. Stopped and parked the car because I noticed the well-lit walkway fronting the events place– was happy to see people actually passing there at night.

Nuvali Lakeside Walkway Dec2012 (21)

Nuvali Lakeside Walkway Dec2012 (6)

Nuvali Lakeside Walkway Dec2012 (10)

Nuvali Lakeside Walkway Dec2012 (5)

Nuvali Lakeside Walkway Dec2012 (18)

Nuvali Lakeside Walkway Dec2012 (11)

Nuvali Lakeside Walkway Dec2012 (13)

Hope you all had a lovely December!

Happy New Year, Nuvali friends and neighbors 🙂

Back exit via Carmelray Industrial Park

Some time ago, we took the Nuvali South exit at the end of Parkway Settings and Avida Village to see where it would lead.
Carmelray Industrial Park Oct2012 (2)

Because we had the Nuvali sticker, the guard let us through and told us we could use the same way going back.

Carmelray Industrial Park Oct2012 (6)

Nuvali South’s East Diversity Avenue is connected to Carmelray Industrial Park, a beautiful tree-lined area which houses various plants/offices such as Suzuki, as well as the San Sebastian College.
Carmelray Industrial Park Oct2012 (12)

Carmelray Industrial Park Oct2012 (13)

We followed the road and took the Gate 1 exit, which led us to the corner where Caltex is located (exiting Nuvali Central via the rotonda towards Silangan exit will bring you to this same place).

According to boyong, who left a comment on my previous post on Canlubang, another option is to exit via Gate 4, which will lead to Canlubang Main, Ceris 1, I-mall, Don Bosco, Mayapa.  I asked the Nuvali guard about it, but he was wary to suggest that route unless I knew my way around the area/town.    Will explore at another time, but many thanks to boyong just the same for the heads up!

Nuvali Wakepark opens the Little Bro Lake for beginners!

Republic Wakepark Oct2012

Visited the wakepark twice in the past 2 weeks, only to wonder at the empty parking lot. Turns out they’ve been working on a surprise:

TO ALL BEGINNERS! The loooong wait is over!!!
Republ1c Wakepark’s BEGINNER’S LAKE / LITTLE BRO will already be OPEN STARTING TOMORROW, Wednesday, October 10, 2012! 8:30 am to 5:30 pm. See you!!!

The Main Lake will be open again on October 20.

Visit the Republ1c facebook page for more info.

Two new Lakeside developments in Nuvali

Solenad Nuvali 25Apr2012 (1)

Rode the water taxi in Nuvali for the first time in April 2012, and saw up close two new structures under construction around the lake.

First spotted the Kukun Hotel, one of the many new branches of the Ayala hotel brand.  It’s located right across One Evotech (Convergys).
Solenad Nuvali 25Apr2012 (14)

Solenad Nuvali 25Apr2012 (19)

Solenad Nuvali 25Apr2012 (17)

New structure #2 is the Monochrome Events Place:
Solenad Nuvali 25Apr2012 (9)

On another note, my mom attended a Real Estate conference recently, where an Ayala spokesperson proudly beamed that Nuvali’s original 10-year-plan has been remarkably fast-tracked, now nearing 60% completion.

Good to know that there’s still 40% left to develop, but there is also that worrying tug of “I don’t want progress to end soon!” 😛

Once Ayala’s developer hand exits Nuvali, it will really fall on our shoulders — Nuvali residents and investors — to start the more laborious work of community-building.

Weekend market to start in Nuvali

I love markets and have always wished for authentic flea markets in the Philippines — those that offered real bargains and rare finds (as opposed to tiangge staples or imported goods at inflated prices). At one point I even considered setting up a car boot in the Ortigas area, just to organize the community and get into the recycle/reuse habit.

Got this announcement about a new weekend market to start in Nuvali, and was admittedly hopeful when I read the product line up:

Join us every weekend at the NUVALI Transport Terminal and enjoy a variety of products offered by our merchants at our Weekend Fiesta Market!

Specialty Food
Dielle’s Honey – locally produced honey and honey wine
Bigasan – brown and organic rice
Regional Products – souvenir products from Baguio, Bicol, Pampanga, Laguna, Cebu, and Bulacan

Fresh Produce/Vegetables
Healthy Flocks – native chicken and brown eggs
Kitchen Herbs – salad greens and gourmet vegetables
Robinson’s – all season fruits and health and wellness products

Marise Joyce Garden – landscaping services and fruit trees
Cynpol Garden – orchids
Sardo’s Garden – ornamental plants
Satara – native products
Fiameta’s Plants – garden accessories
Yam Halamanan – aquatic plants and fish

Hotel Line – world class discounted cutlery
Banig – buli, buri, and banig novelties
Habi – hand-woven products


It’s still not the ideal market I had in mind, but looks promising that they’re offering regional products.  What got me most excited, though, was the list of plant merchants.  I’ve been scouring the web and local garden shops for nice planters and have yet to find anything I liked… fingers-crossed the Nuvali market is successful and attracts a good mix of sellers to come in later on!

Won’t be able to check it out this weekend, but please share pics and comments if you get to go. 🙂

Free shuttle around Nuvali

Nuvali transportation Apr2012

Spotted in Nuvali: the “free ride” shuttle!

According to the driver, there are three shuttles like this that go around Nuvali. They do the rounds of the different villages (pick up point is by the gate), even all the way to Montecito, and back to the Solenad area three times everyday:

  • 6:30 am
  • 11:00 am
  • 7:00 pm

He said pick up schedule from Solenad is the same– can anyone help confirm this, as well as exact pick up points there?


Shell Nuvali is now open

Was happy to see this on the way back from Tagaytay last Monday– the Nuvali gas station finally open!

Around Nuvali Apr2012 (3)

I took a quick shot and the Shell Nuvali gas boys were happy to oblige, complete with welcome waves and big, warm smiles!

Just a tip: We went back there today and were told they’re still operating on a cash basis (i.e. no credit cards accepted for now).

Republic Wakepark Nuvali coming real soon! March 2012

Happy to share the following photo updates from a Republic Wakepark album aptly entitled “Ok. So you wanted proof“:

The official website and facebook page of Republic Wakepark have been idle for a while, what with continued delays in the opening of what’s been dubbed as “the newest and most innovative wakepark in the world“, but the BIG BUT is that they’re idle no more!

From their latest blog post:

In the next few weeks, you will witness the first pull of the cable carrying its first rider, gliding on water amidst the backdrop of blue skies, surrounded by lush greens and beautiful architecture.

As of presstime, the red rental vests and helmets have arrived, cables are properly working and water is scheduled to fill up the oval.

To add, the latest Liquid Force boards are being shipped and new Republ1c wakevests are going to be placed on the clothesrack.

You can feel the excitement flowing in our veins, and there are surely no signs of us stopping.

Fingers-crossed they hit the target this time!

Enjoying the Nuvali lakeside

One of the major come-ons of Nuvali for me has always been the man-made lake.

When I first heard about it in 2007, I immediately had a vision of our very own lakeside/ mini-waterfront promenade in the Philippines, similar to Singapore’s Harbour Front/Vivo City.

Forward to 2012, less than 5 years hence, and the lake is still the first thing that catches my eye every time I enter Nuvali.

It now occupies 4 hectares, which is admittedly smaller than what I had hoped for (original plan set it at 8 hectares), but the view, especially when taken in with Mt. Makiling in the background, is stilling.

Around Nuvali January 29, 2012 (9)

Even without thinking about it, I always slow down whenever I drive along this area.

It’s not surprising that others have discovered this quieting spot as well, making weekend picnickers a regular sight around the lake.

Around Nuvali January 29, 2012 (7)

Around Nuvali January 29, 2012 (12)

I got to really walk around the Nuvali lake for the first time during the Venare Section J launch last Sunday, and was happy to take in the fresh air (fresh talaga! It was cold and thin, almost wispy–as opposed to being thick and heavy).

Venare Section J Launch Feb5,2012 (17)

Venare Section J Launch Feb5,2012 (12)

Venare Section J Launch Feb5,2012 (3)

Venare Section J Launch Feb5,2012 (8)

Venare Section J Launch Feb5,2012 (5)

The tented area shows where the Shalani-Roman wedding reception was held earlier this year.

Venare Section J Launch Feb5,2012 (22)

Think five, ten, twenty years from now, what do you see surrounding this lake?