Throwback: Au Naturel in Nuvali in 2013

Sometime in 2013, I was asked by Ayala management if I’d be willing to get interviewed for Avida Living Magazine.  They were to write about me and my experience in Nuvali.

I dug up a copy of the piece and am now shamelessly sharing it below.  Kindly indulge me and my 15 minutes of throwback fame.

This came out in Avida Living Magazine in October 2013: Au Naturel by Nicole Sindiong.

MY Nuvali Home Write Up Oct2013

Moodboard: Living-dining-kitchen

I am a big fan of the open plan living-dining-kitchen and have been finding ways to really make it work for my small house (footprint is just about 30 square meters!).

Here’s the first 3D mock up of the ground floor I got from my architect:
Nuvali house interiors

Seeing it in 3D gives a sense of how tight the space really is: the sliding doors are the border of the house; the peach walls are the perimeter fence– that area at the back will be gardened and used as a patio/outdoor room.

There won’t be dividing walls on the ground floor– I want people to see the garden from the main door. I’ve asked to flip the layout to have the kitchen and dining in one go, making the space more streamlined:
Ground Floor Plans

Everything is movable (for some reason I’ve always found rearranging furniture therapeutic), so these areas are likely to flip more in the future, but here’s the general feel I hope to create for the ground floor:
moodboard living dining

I love love love the colors in this hotel lobby sofa:
Living room inspiration
I don’t know how I’ll get to pull this off, but it will happen, one way or another! 🙂

I also want to allocate an area for painting, as in this studio of Mexican artist, Diego Rivera:
Studio inspiration
A small corner would do, but maybe it’ll have to be in the patio area…

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