A sunset wedding in Nuvali

Earlier this month, we attended a wedding at St. Benedict’s Church in Ayala Westgrove, with the reception held at Monochrome Events place next to the Nuvali lake.

Around Nuvali 2015 (8)

The last time I visited this was in early 2013 when it was newly opened, and it was nice to see it dressed up for a special event like a wedding.

Was also so happy my precious Nuvali sky didn’t fail to impress: we were greeted by clouds of glorious pinks, yellows and oranges.

Around Nuvali 2015 (6)

Nuvali will always be home. 🙂

Two new Lakeside developments in Nuvali

Solenad Nuvali 25Apr2012 (1)

Rode the water taxi in Nuvali for the first time in April 2012, and saw up close two new structures under construction around the lake.

First spotted the Kukun Hotel, one of the many new branches of the Ayala hotel brand.  It’s located right across One Evotech (Convergys).
Solenad Nuvali 25Apr2012 (14)

Solenad Nuvali 25Apr2012 (19)

Solenad Nuvali 25Apr2012 (17)

New structure #2 is the Monochrome Events Place:
Solenad Nuvali 25Apr2012 (9)

On another note, my mom attended a Real Estate conference recently, where an Ayala spokesperson proudly beamed that Nuvali’s original 10-year-plan has been remarkably fast-tracked, now nearing 60% completion.

Good to know that there’s still 40% left to develop, but there is also that worrying tug of “I don’t want progress to end soon!” 😛

Once Ayala’s developer hand exits Nuvali, it will really fall on our shoulders — Nuvali residents and investors — to start the more laborious work of community-building.