Wakeboarding on a Monday holiday

Wakeboarding in Nuvali Aug2014 (11)
After three years of saying, “I want to wakeboard” in Nuvali, I finally decided to just do it!

We went on the Monday morning of the recent long weekend (thank you, National Heroes Day).

Blessing for the day: slightly overcast sky so we got semi-shielded from the sun. What gave us not-so-happy vibes: the line at the beginner lake was too long! We only got two attempts each, and waited over an hour for each round. Our advice: go early mornings on weekdays. Avoid holidays and weekends (includes Fridays).
Wakeboarding in Nuvali Aug2014 (7)
Just the same, it was AWESOME!

It wasn’t as hard as I thought it would be.
Wakeboarding in Nuvali Aug2014 (3)

Wakeboarding in Nuvali Aug2014 (4)

And I’m super proud of myself for being able to stand on my first try! I didn’t make it all the way to the end, but I know that with a little more training, it will happen.
Wakeboarding in Nuvali Aug2014 (5)

All smiles despite the “bitin” session — next time we will go on a non-peak day!
Wakeboarding in Nuvali Aug2014 (57)

Wakeboarding in Nuvali begins in October!

Republic Wakepark is finally opening its doors on October 26, 2011– woohoo!

Here’s the announcement from the Republic Wakepark Facebook Page:

Heads-up, guys: REPUBL1C WAKEPARK, NUVALI will officially open on OCTOBER 26th, 2011. The Philippine Wakeboard Nationals will also be on October 26th-29th at REPUBL1C WAKEPARK, NUVALI. We would like to apologize for the delay of the opening due to the delay of construction brought by the recent typhoons. We will be announcing REPUBL1C WAKEPARK’s Yearly & Monthly Rates by end of August.

Getting excited!

Dug up old photos of my first visit to the Camsur Wakeboarding Complex (CWC) in Camsur in 2008:




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