Shuttles in and out of Nuvali

Saw these signs around Solenad last week. Have any of you gone on the Nuvali-BGC express shuttle? How was it?

Around Nuvali May2014 (9)

You’ll notice that the shuttle within Nuvali goes all the way from Solenad 1 to Avida Village in Nuvali South.  No listed schedules though.  Next time, I’ll ask how often these vans pass through these stops.

Around Nuvali May2014 (11)

Around Nuvali May2014 (10)

One interesting thing I noticed were bike racks in Solenad 2, beside Robinson’s Supermarket and near the Terminal.  Great option for everyday commuters to Makati/BGC who want to bike from their houses in Nuvali, leave their bikes for the day, and have a ready means of transport to head back home at the end of the day.

Around Nuvali May2014 (15)

It’s just unfortunate that the parking area for bikes is uncovered, but it’s still a great new feature in the community!

Commuting to Nuvali (as of January 2012)

Here’s the latest update on the Nuvali Transport Terminal, which went on soft opening last November 2011:

Nuvali Transport Terminal Jan 2012 (1)

Serviced routes now include Nuvali – Ortigas, Alabang Town Center, Balibago and Makati.
Nuvali Transport Terminal Jan 2012 (2)

Nuvali Transport Terminal Jan 2012 (4)
The Transport Terminal is also accessible from the Sta. Rosa – Tagaytay road, and if you ask for route info, guards by the entrance hand out these flyers…
Nuvali Transport Terminal Jan 2012 (7)
which detail shuttle schedules and pick up/drop off points:
Nuvali Transport Terminal Jan 2012 (6)

Seeing the very empty terminal, I asked the guard on duty if these schedules are actually followed, and he gave me these numbers to contact, just be to sure:
Nuvali Transport Terminal Jan 2012 (3)

Nuvali Transport Terminal Jan 2012 (5)

I read on the Facebook fanpage of Nuvali that the shuttle to and from Ortigas costs P85 one way.   Would be great if anyone could actually confirm this– if true, it sure beats my driving cost  of P900 roundtrip.

Time to commute to Nuvali!