Have you updated your 2014 Nuvali stickers?

Around Nuvali April2014 (58)

Saw this while visiting Nuvali last Holy Week.

Residents can apply for stickers at our respective administration offices.  🙂

On another note, 2014 is going by quickly!  We just hit May two days ago — before we know it, summer will be over and we will need to prepare for the everyday rains again.  In the meantime, I hope I get to squeeze in some biking this month.  Will be spending a couple of weekends in Nuvali again…I can’t wait!

Taking the Mamplasan shortcut to Nuvali

Just got our Nuvali and Greenfield stickers– finally we get to take the Mamplasan exit to Nuvali-Tagaytay!

Along the Mamplasan exit Sept2011 (18)

Before this we had two exit options:  via Eton, which is two exits away (about another 10 kilometers) from Mamplasan, or via Sta. Rosa, which we avoid like the plague because of heavy traffic from tricycles, jeepneys and buses along the Sta. Rosa road.

To be able to pass through Mamplasan, we applied for the two stickers below:

Nuvali and Greenfield Stickers Sept2011

Sticker application is quick and painless, if not for the hefty fees– the Avida Settings Nuvali sticker cost P100, but the Greenfield Parkway sticker was P750.

Given the rising gas prices and toll fees (we start paying VAT on toll next month, boo!), I’ll gladly take any shortcut to save on expenses.   There’s also the time saved, and the joy of driving through uncrowded roads.

Along the Mamplasan exit Sept2011 (12)

Along the Mamplasan exit Sept2011 (26)

Along the Mamplasan exit Sept2011 (32)

Things to get ready in case you also plan to apply for stickers (applicable to Nuvali residents):

Greenfield Sticker

  1. Filled out application form, signed/endorsed by Nuvali
  2. Photocopy of the latest OR and CR of your car
  3. P750 sticker fee
I suggest you pass for the Greenfield form on your way to Nuvali, so you can have it signed by your village admin while you apply for your Nuvali sticker.  Make sure you also note down your TIN as you’ll need to include it on the form.


Nuvali sticker (via Avida Settings)

  1. Filled out application form
  2. Photocopy of your driver’s license
  3. Copy of the latest OR and CR of your car
  4. P100 sticker fee